Building a Business Foundation

Perhaps you are new, or you are just getting started with your internet or retail or other business. There is no difference. It can be very scary. I know that I was scared when I started 7 years ago. It was March 2003. I was close to $200,000 in debt. Even my ex husband choose to leave me for another woman. It was scary But I drew strength from my belief in beginning with a solid foundation. The term foundation means your mindset and contact list. These are the only assets that you have to build a firm, solid foundation which able to let you to develop a building where the sky is really the limit.

There is so much to say about mindset which take years to talk about it and understand all that we should.

There is two quotes of mindset. ” Great Spirits have always encountered violent opposition from medicine minds” by Albert Einstein. ” A wise man is a master of his mind and a fool is a slave to it” by unknown author.When this two quotes added up it becomes if you resolved to succeed, you will. You must be focused. You have to put the blinders on. You have to steer clear of all the garbage advice that you get from the naysayers and the dream stealers.

We all get “NO” and “Dollar store guidance” from our relatives or friends, but those who can stay focused are the ones who succeed. Think of Columbus, everyone told him to sail off a cliff, or Colonel sanders who got 1009 “No” before he got financing. Those guys certainly had mindset and focus. They never let the dream stealers get in their way.

Your mindset sets your course which establishes your attitude, habits, work ethic and drive. It is the thing that makes your press for the closing sales for your business. Is your mind set on you treating this work like a hobby ( you know, kind of doing it here and there, sticking your tow in the water and seeing it works) or is your mind set on you making this be the last business that you will ever have to be build( you are going to reach your goals no matter what obstacles you face)

The other part of foundation is contact list. This will be congruent with your mindset. If you are going to treat this like a hobby, you will come up with a few names to add to your contact list. If this is going to be the last business you will ever build you are going to write down everyone you have ever known.

Are you clairvoyant? Do you really know what is going on in their lives? So do not be a fortune teller. Do not presume what is in their mind before you contact them about your business opportunity. By the way, if you have a strong mindset and you are going to treat this like a business, you will be willing to contact everyone you know. Every time you leave someone off your list or miss someone that you know, you potentially leaving millions of dollars behind. You also must do follow up with those that have done business with you.